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Enjoy a new level of operational efficiency with our tailor-made administrative solutions.

Prodigy Solutions: Administration

Your job is crucial. And it shouldn’t be compromised by technical headaches and stacks of paper. We do the heavy lifting on the back end to ensure everything you need is always one click away. Prodigy’s user-friendly system is designed to streamline key processes for your staff, drive, efficiency, and lower the learning curve.

Jail Management System (JMS)

Prodigy is proud of its reputation for seamless integration and system compatibility.

Prodigy’s industry-leading technology was designed to facilitate seamless interface with any Jail Management System (JMS) vendor, Commissary System and Trust fund/banking system. Prodigy is known for its universal system compatibility coupled with efficient, uninterrupted, and flawless data transfer capabilities. Establishing and maintaining a nationwide customer base has provided Prodigy an opportunity for continuous exposure and successful interface with nearly every correctional service provider in the marketplace including County-developed JMS systems and all Inmate Banking Software.

Looking for a new JMS? Prodigy has you covered. Prodigy’s integrated technology platform not only boasts proven compatibility with 50+ JMS systems, we also provide customized JMS systems that meet your agency’s specifications and needs.

Automated Scheduling

When it comes to remote visitation, scheduling can certainly prove tedious and problematic. Let Prodigy do the heavy lifting with our intuitive auto-approval feature. Prodigy automates the scheduling process by carefully vetting and authenticating user credentials and identification required for remote and onsite video visitation.

Prodigy’s hassle-free scheduling model eliminates administrative headaches and saves your staff exorbitant amounts of time so they can focus on other critical job functions.

Customized Forms & Reports

Prodigy’s solution to forms is the most customizable offering in the marketplace. We deliver detailed, facility-specific correspondence including grievances, sick calls, and requests of staff, all of which are user-defined and PIN-protected at no cost your agency or inmate population.

Prodigy’s system routes digital correspondence to designated recipients and provides a separate, secure channel for authorized staff-initiated notifications to inmate(s). Also included is the flexibility to apply restrictions on access to certain types of digital messaging and quantity of messages/forms transmitted by inmates.
Prodigy’s reputation for transparency and administrative & investigative horsepower is demonstrated through the real-time reporting capabilities of its technology.

Easy one-click Dashboard searches yield detail-rich records in seconds. From audio and video calls, SMS text messaging, mail, and feature restrictions, to case notes, financial records, inmate acknowledgement forms, and more, Prodigy’s reporting capabilities are the most robust in the industry.

24/7 Customer Support

Unrivaled service is our hallmark. Prodigy’s dynamic customer support model guarantees accessibility and responsiveness at all levels. A true market distinction, we do not outsource any facet of customer service, technology development, or maintenance. Instead, we deliver comprehensive, ongoing training and live support through experienced and loyal field technicians, and compassionate and highly trained customer service representatives. Prodigy prides itself on making sure all our customers have a direct line of communication to company leadership.

Additionally, all services, maintenance, upgrades and equipment are provided to your agency 100% free of charge.

Prodigy Solutions - Administration

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6000 Midlantic Drive
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Phone: 866-700-4545
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Prodigy Commissary
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Chickasha, OK 73018

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