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Staying connected has never been easier with Prodigy’s dynamic and versatile suite of communication channels.

Prodigy Solutions: Communication

At Prodigy, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we designed the  most robust and scalable communications platform available in the correctional technology market. Its performance and reliability guarantee more security, connection, and operational efficiency than any other product.


Finally. ONE solution for every challenge.

Prodigy invites you to experience the Power of 1. With Prodigy’s Kinetic Console, all your essential tools are managed on one system, making daily operations easier, faster, and more secure at every touchpoint. Say goodbye to multi-system incompatibility, service nightmares, and vendor blame-games. Instead, enjoy the convenience of a reliable, centralized solution supported by one team of experts.

Ineractive Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard lets you to instantly capture valuable insights on call, video, and text activity, inmate movement, pending cases, and facility operations.


Access real-time transaction and user activity reports to view daily, weekly, and monthly call data. Kinetic Console ensures clarity and integrity of service.

Build A Case

Say goodbye to CDs, flash drives, and paper files. Kinetic Console’s investigative suite allows you to build a case in minutes. Drag and drop files, add notes, batch process phone, video, and text records, and share files via secure email.

Prodigy Solutions - Investigation


The Most Trusted Source for Remote Visitation

Prodigy’s state of the art full-service video visitation system is known for its unmatched quality, accessibility, and hassle-free automated scheduling. Correctional staff and family and friends alike rely on Prodigy’s advanced capabilities to facilitate consistent, reliable, and affordable communication with inmate populations.

Say goodbye to frozen screens and faulty kiosks. Prodigy’s video calling solution is delivered on a 17-inch HD LED monitor and HD webcam to guarantee crystal-clear audio and video. Our industry leading ProdigyVision terminals are engineered using indestructible detention-grade stainless steel with rounded edges to maximize safety and minimize risk.

ProdigyVision is iOS and Android compatible and completely web-based (no apps required!) for added convenience. Our scalable technology is wholly developed in-house and tailored to meet your agency’s operational needs and challenges.


The Industry Standard


Between its voice, video, and secure text messaging capabilities, Tablet ONE encourages frequent and affordable communication between inmates and loved ones.


Access to education has proven to reduce recidivism and prepare inmates for successful reentry. Tablet ONE offers a robust collection of educational videos, eBooks, coursework, and complete Law Library.


Tablet ONE is rich with multimedia entertainment. Its extensive library of games, movies, music, and news minimizes stress, improves behavior, and promotes calm among inmates.


Tablet ONE lets you electronically process medical requests, grievances, forms, and commissary ordering. No paper. No headaches. No errors.

Key Features

Prodigy TabletOne

Messaging Made Simple

Prodigy’s user-friendly suite of messaging tools provides a secure way for family and friends to share special moments without the hassle and cost of mail or travel.

Text (SMS)

Prodigy’s convenient, flexible and economic text and feature make connection easy for inmates and their loved ones. Inmates have the flexibility to use tablets and terminals to send and receive text in accordance with usage guidelines.


Our digital Photo messaging feature removes the cost, headache, and security risk or transmitting paper mail. With PhotoShare, friends and family can instantly send approved photos, drawings, and other visual keepsakes for incarcerated loved ones to enjoy and cherish.


The safe, simple, voice-driven way to text.

No touch-screen? No problem. Prodigy delivers the industry’s only two-way, voice-controlled alternative to traditional text messaging. InstaVoice allows inmates to send and receive text messages using only an analog phone.

InstaVoice is also the leader in assistive technology for visually impaired inmates. This feature ensures visually challenged inmates enjoy the same convenience and economic benefits of text messaging without having to navigate a touch screen.

Key Benefits

Prodigy InstaVoice


Learn With Purpose

Prodigy is proud to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and accessible online learning platform at no cost. ProdigyEd’s expansive course catalog and library of digital resources is designed to engage learners at all levels. Through self-paced modules, dynamic videos, and challenging assessments, ProdigyEd replaces idle time with valuable opportunities for academic and personal enrichment.

Key Offerings

Education & Re-Entry Programming

Gateway to Economic Mobility

Research shows that inmates who participate in educational programming are 43% less likely to return to prison. Why? They are motivated to achieve stability and pursue gainful employment. ProdigyEd’s Career Clusters program lets inmates explore a wide breadth of specialized industries. Through in-depth analysis, learners identify the requisite skills for employment in their fields of interest.

Personal Growth & Self Improvement

ProdigyEd includes critical coursework designed to support successful re-entry. Inmates who complete these curricula have shown to make healthier lifestyle choices, experience improved self-esteem & self-control, and build more positive generational outcomes upon release.

Prodigy TeleServ

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