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Our industry-leading toolbox is designed to securely capture, analyze, and transmit critical data and streamline investigations.

Prodigy Solutions: Investigation

At Prodigy, our investigative toolbox evolves as quickly as the correctional landscape. How do we do it? Our strategy is simple. We solicit input from the most important stakeholders: our customers.

Prodigy’s in-house development team is always hard at work developing and deploying new technology to streamline investigations and meet your emergent needs.

Advanced Biometrics & Analysis

Prodigy’s real-time biometric screening tools and analytic capabilities guarantee a new level of security and operational control.

Facial Recognition. Prodigy boasts the industry’s most advanced and reliable facial recognition software. Our patent-pending technology is transforming the way agencies manage and monitor inmate communications. Prodigy FaceX authenticates user identity with more accuracy and fewer human touchpoints than any other system. FaceX also generates detailed biometric reports complete with images and data used to track imposter activity.

From PIN theft prevention and victim protection to automating tablet management, FaceX guarantees faster, safer, and easier operations for jail staff, inmates, and their families.

SMS Photo Biometrics: Inmates are easily identifiable during video calls, and phone calls provide a recording to identify a speaker by voice, but text messages lack an audio or visual identifier. Prodigy has the solution!

Prodigy’s secure Video Terminals and Tablets automatically capture a covert inmate photo and attach it to each SMS text message conversation. This critical feature authenticates SMS conversations and allows for use as evidence in court.

Prodigy FaceX

Dynamic Monitoring Tools

There’s no time like the present. Prodigy’s advanced real-time screening, monitoring, and flagging capabilities ensure appropriate and safe inmate communication.

Prodigy EyeQ. Is Video Monitoring putting a strain on your staff and agency resources? Relief is finally here with Prodigy EyeQ. Enjoy a new level of control with the most reliable, automated video monitoring tool on the market. Prodigy EyeQ instantly detects and flags prohibited content during video visits. EyeQ delivers accurate, real-time surveillance so your team can focus on more critical jail functions.

Broad Range of Content Filters Available

Additional monitoring features allow you to:

Prodigy EyeQ

Real-time Alerts

Prodigy’s customized alerts provide your agency with heightened security and responsiveness. Authorized system users can opt to receive an instant alert via text message or email on any device when a suspicious number is being called so you can listen live or access the recorded call when convenient.

Additionally, automated video monitoring features include email alerts to notify specified jail staff and investigative cohorts of inappropriate or dangerous content being transmitted.

Reviewing time-sensitive text message activity can prove tedious. With Prodigy’s Keyword Search feature, your staff and investigative cohorts can instantly identify specified words in inmate communications. You can also apply filters to execute a tailored search and send flagged texts to conversation reports in one click.

Secure Data Transmission

At Prodigy, we understand it’s critical to safeguard the contents and integrity of confidential records and information. That’s why we provide a Case management tool that eliminates the need for CD’s, flash drives or hard drives. Instead, all pertinent data is stored in a secure internal, data repository and allows authorized users to:

Prodigy Solutions - Investigation

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Prodigy Commissary
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